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Safety traffic Barrier 175 (water or sand)

Safety traffic Barrier 175 (water or sand)

Product Information

US Barricade 96" safety traffic barrier or water-sand barrier is a specialty barrier that is superior in strength and  quality to the competition. Our barriers are designed and built in several different sizes and can be used in a variety of traffic control and security applications.

  All of our plastic traffic barriers are made by a rotational molding process by which a one-piece, seamless advanced plastic product is manufactured,  this will give you the strongest most reliable portable traffic safety barrier made in the United States. While filled with either ballast the US Barricade barrier will not bulge or distort like other portable barricades and will last for years.

Plastic Safety Traffic Barrier 175

Standard Colors:  Safety Orange, White, Yellow, Blue, Olive Drab and Military Tan.
Composition: UV-Resistant Polyethylene
Size: Height: 42" / 1076 mm
Length: 96" / 2438 mm
Width: 24" / 610 mm
Wall: .25” / 6.35 mm (Avg.)
Mass: 175 lb. (empty) / 2029 lbs. (filled with 222 gal. water) (3145 lbs. filled with sand)

  25 or less $ 495.00 each, over 25 barriers $ 485.00 each.

Product Code: Safety Barrier 175
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