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Solar Powered PEDESTRIAN CROSSING SYMBOL (W11-2) 30x30 High Intensity HIP

Solar Powered PEDESTRIAN CROSSING SYMBOL (W11-2) 30x30 High Intensity HIP

Product Information

Our solar powered traffic signs feature an array of incredibly bright LED's that flash in unison, MUTCD standard once per second, commanding the attention of drivers in any weather conditions day or night. We offer the brightest solar powered LED traffic sign in the industry at the lowest price in the United States! U.S. Barricades brilliant innovation of enhancing traffic signs with LED's (Light-Emitting Diodes) makes intersections safer, reduces accidents and saves lives! Any MUTCD sign can be transformed into a solar powered traffic sign that meets all specifications for U.S. roads and highways.


Solar powered traffic signs can be made in 30x30", 36x36" and 48x48"
Reflective sheeting is made by 3M High Intensity HIP.

Battery power, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiHM)- 14,000mAh, lifespan over 5 years with

  24/7 operation.

LED Life expectancy over 200,000 hours

Installs onto any new or existing sign post or light pole for easy installation.

High intensity LED's command attention day and night, can be seen for over two miles.

Can be programmed to operate continuously (24/7) or on solar time clocks.

Automatically adjusts light output for maximum visibility and battery efficiency.

Heighten driver awareness, increased visibility at high incident intersections, keeping

  drivers and pedestrians safe.

53% Reduction of intersection blow-through, keeping drivers alert.

Multiple signs can be synchronized.

All solar powered signs are MUTCD and state DOT compliant.

All signs, parts and hardware are made in the United States.

One full year warranty on all material and hardware.

Smart Activation Options:
24/7 continuous

Push-buttons and/or motion (vehicle) detectors.

Time clock activation (Windows based software programmable)

Can be integrated into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)

Wireless control activation.
Vehicle detection activation.

New stop sign locations.
High incident intersections.
Rural roads.

For more information please call 203-662-0833

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