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Traffic Beacon 12 inch LED Amber

Traffic Beacon 12 inch LED Amber

Product Information

U.S. Barricade Warning Beacon attracts attention to important roadside signs or information and is ideal for a range of traffic applications. Road safety is heavily reliant on a driver’s compliance with roadside signs, including speed limits, merging traffic, stoplights, etc. By using a solid state flashing beacon to draw attention to hidden, changing, or approaching road conditions such as an intersection not yet in view, our warning beacon increases driver awareness and thereby enhances overall roadside safety.


    * Increases roadside safety by warning drivers of hidden or approaching hazards
    * Rugged high-quality signal housing
    * Reliable solid-state flasher control
    * Multiple configurations for mounting framework


    * Aluminum or polycarbonate
    * Aluminum powder coated, polycarbonate colored resins
    * Federal yellow, signal green, black, or custom colors
    * 2.0” hole top and bottom fits 1.5” NPT fittings
    * Terminal block installed
    * Stainless steel door roll pins and eye bolt/wing nut assemblies
    * Weathertight E.P.D.M. rubber door gasket


    * 365 day solid state programmable time clock
    * Time clock module without dimming relay
    * Various signal modules including LED
    * Two flashing beacons
    * Photocell

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