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Traffic Signal UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply

Traffic Signal UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply


Product Code: TRAJ49

Product Information


 Why back up the power in your intersections? According to federal DOT report during emergency situations that include heat waves, storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, power outages and brown outs that can wreak havoc at intersections. Over 29,000 automobile accidents occurred when traffic control systems failed, resulting in an estimated cost of $150 billion to the U.S. economy.

Common problems at intersections include:

    * Snarled traffic and congestion
    * Heightened risk of vehicular and pedestrian accidents
    * Escalating 911 calls
    * Gridlock that traps emergency vehicles
    * Increased policing costs
    * Injuries, fatalities and lawsuits.





Call U.S. Barricades at 203-662-0833 for more information about traffic signal emergency power systems.





Product CodeTRAJ49

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