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About Us

Welcome to U.S. Barricades LLC

 An innovative leader in traffic control safety products and equipment, U.S. Barricades is dedicated to provide the most reliable traffic safety products made in the United States.

Corporate info

In 1999 U.S. Barricades became a specialized traffic control company specializing Jersey Style Barriers, Parking Barrier Gates, Solar Powered Warning Beacon Systems and Pedestrian Safety Products. In 2005 U.S. Barricades expanded its product line and established our name as America's number one traffic control company for advanced solar powered systems serving Aviation, Railroad and Marine industries.

Competing in a Global Industry

Superior quality and workmanship, all of these strengths have allowed U.S. Barricades products to become a leader in an industry where nothing less than top-quality is acceptable. Today, we operate a global business from our corporate office and factory in Darien, Connecticut. Product development and applications engineering are performed in house.  The majority of our products are manufactured, assembled and shipped from a number of locations in the United States. Known for superior durability and reliability in an industry that’s governed by exacting specification and codes, U.S. Barricades products are designed to conform or exceed standards.

Innovative Systems for the New Millennium

U.S. Barricades continually develops and expands product lines to meet ever more stringent benchmarks for safety, reliability, performance and longevity. Each product contains new technologies representing a major investment of time, talent and capital toward a new era in traffic control products. Our industry faces unprecedented customer demands and competition, spurred by a succession of technological breakthroughs. Our new products respond not only to the changing demands of our customers, but also to the global shift toward computerized control and solar powered lighting systems. With an eye to the future, U.S. Barricades is leading the way for safety.