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A-Frame Wood Parade Barricade 5FT

A-Frame Wood Parade Barricade 5FT
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Product Code: A-FVS5CN36
Made in USA #1

Product Information

A-Frame Wood Parade Barricade 5ft long and features 3M Reflective Barricade Sheeting to easily and effectively delineate foot traffic and provide crowd control in busy, high traffic areas. Includes two A-Frame ends with detachable crossbar, making it easy to disassemble and store. Ability to detach the crossbar provides for a variety of uses, utilizing one or two legs for support.

Heavy duty all wood barricades are ideal for outdoor events (stadiums, parades, parking lots). Consists of two 2" x 4" A-frame legs and one 2" x 8" top board. Notches on both sides of top board provide a snug fit onto A-frame legs. Wood board has reflective barricade sheeting on one side, three grades of sheeting are available.


  • All Wood Construction
  • Panel Length 5ft
  • A-Frame Leg Hight 42"
  • Made in the United States
Product CodeA-FVS5CN36
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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