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Barge Navigation Light (Green Incandescent)

Barge Navigation Light (Green Incandescent)


Product Code: Navlight IG
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

Our portable green navigation lights (Starboard) have been tested and certified by a U.S.C.G. laboratory and exceeds all U.S. Coast Guard specifications for marine navigation use. Navigation lights can operate on both 6 volt spring-type batteries or 12 volt rechargeable battery in a very durable watertight case.


    * Visibility exceeds 3 nautical miles for vessels 50 meters or more in length
    * Optically-correct lenses for the "ultimate" in photometrics
    * Lens has built-in screens for each light application
    * Candle lock-in feature locates filament in lens design position
      (makes bulbs replacement fast and accurate)!
    * Capable of operating on one to four spring terminal batteries
    * External stainless steel hardware throughout
    * Top case & name plate color coded for ease of installation
    * Up to 30 days sidelight usage with Ray-O-Vac 6V HDM batteries
    * Up to 160 days special flashing light usage with Ray-O-Vac 6V HDM batteries
    * Made in the United State of America

Product CodeNavlight IG
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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