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Detachable Barricade Light - Type A and C

Detachable Barricade Light - Type A and C


Product Code: DETL20
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

Detachable barricade flasher is certified under WZ-44 & WZ 54 for use on Type II & III Barricades, channelizer drums, vertical panels and traffic signs. These are lightweight devices weighing 7 Kgms or less. The 1040 Battery Pack can also be used especially when using a Type B light.

Special clamp fastens candle and head assembly to vertical panel, sign or safety drum Batteries are detached from the lens head and mounted low to the ground. This makes the head very light and batteries low toward the ground and below the breakaway zone.



Product CodeDETL20
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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