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Highway Advisory Warning Beacon & Radio Systems

Highway Advisory Warning Beacon & Radio Systems


Product Code: ITS-HWB1000
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Product Information

U.S. Barricades Highway Advisory Warning Beacon Systems alert motorists to potential dangers with a combination of flashing lights, or beacons, and a static message sign instructing motorists to tune their radio to a particular frequency for important announcements. Used in conjunction with Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) Systems, U.S. Barricades Flashing Beacon Systems inform motorists of special conditions or emergencies on the roadway.

Flashing Beacon Systems can be permanent or portable systems. A permanent system allows you to notify motorists about traveler information, such as traffic delays or weather events. A portable system is a great companion for special events, work zones or temporary emergencies.Flashing Beacon Systems are easy to operate, providing driver feedback for neighborhoods, school zones, work zones

Travelers Information Stations (TIS), Highway Advisory Radio Stations (HAR) / Highway Information Systems & Low Power Radio Stations (LPR). Operation of the stations is governed by FCC Part 90.242 Rules. A FCC license is required. Information Radio Stations may be fixed or portable. Subcomponents may include transmitter, antenna and ground system, digital voice player, NEMA cabinet with conventional or Corbin locks, lightning arrestors for RF, power and telephone lines, coaxial cable. Most stations employ black maximized antennas to discourage ice accumulation and security measures to prevent unauthorized program access. Options include synchronization, battery backup, solar power, remote programming by local, network or telco, multi-station audio distribution via RF or LAN / WAN or wireless network.



  • NEMA4, fiberglass; gasketed, weatherproof with equipment panel and I-beam or wood post mounts; vented design; key lockable.
  • Dimensions: approximately 24 inches by 24 inches by 14 inches.


  • Two amber LED signals with parallel wiring pattern, 8-inch diameter. (12-inch is optional.)
  • Internal faceting that minimizes maintenance (cleaning).
  • Flashers (1fps) wig-wag format.
  • Includes top-of-conduit mounts with pan adjustment.


  • Time and date stamping of messages.
  • Pocsag or Flex available. (Flex is a Motorola trademark.)
  • 9-15 volt DC operation.
  • Large CAP code capacity.
  • Physical 20x70x30mm.
  • Parallel printer output
  • Serial data output (2nd port optional).
  • 4 relays switching 12V 1A (optional).
  • All frequency bands available (VHF, UHF, 900 MHz).
  • External aerial on BNC connector.
  • Text search and replace.

Power Source

  • AC: 120V AC single phase, 50/60 Hz.
  • Solar: 64 watt, unbreakable solar panel; 20A charge controller with low voltage disconnect, LED indicators, adjustable-angle mast mount.


  •  Aluminum or polyurethane construction
  • 8-inch or 12-inch beacons available
  • LED illumination
  • AC or DC power with solar backup
  • Automatic dimming photo cell reduces brightness at night
  • Flash rate MUTCD standard
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • Controllers available for remotely turning on or off beacons
  • Tunnel or cap shield options for beacons
Product CodeITS-HWB1000
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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