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Level Crossing LED Signal - Pixelated 12" (300mm) DC

Level Crossing LED Signal - Pixelated 12" (300mm) DC


Product Code: RG6DC12P
Made in USA #1

Product Information

GE Lighting Solutions, Model RG6 is maintenance-free pixelated look LED 12" (300mm) DC powered, level crossing signal that offers substantial performance advantages over traditionally used incandescent lamps. The RG6 crossing signal can be used in retrofit or new active level crossing installations.

In addition to offering long-life and reliability, GE railroad pixelated flashing crossing signals deliver superior signal visibility, brightness and major reductions in maintenance and costs.


  • Model RG6, 8-16 Volt - DC
  • 12-inch (300mm)
  • Pixelated Look
  • OEM Designed for retrofit into existing housings
  • Efficient optical system delivers uniform color
  • Optional side-lights provide additional visibility
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Self-contained design provides protection against moisture and dust
  • Robust LED system design enables high luminous intensity over long product life
  • Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards
  • All lamps undergo comprehensive testing in the manufacturing plan
  • Meets or Exceeds AREMA standards
  • GE quality/reliability
Product CodeRG6DC12P

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