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Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail (Merritt Parkway Guardrail)

Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail (Merritt Parkway Guardrail)


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Product Code: MPGR12
Made in USA #1

Product Information

U.S. Barricades® Steel-Backed Timber system are very popular along scenic roadways across the country. Developed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) is a weathering high strength steel backed wood rail supported by W6x15 weathering high strength steel posts on 10 foot centers. The rail element consists of 6" x 12" wood beams backed with 6" x 3/8" thick steel plates and splices to provide tensile continuity. Height to the top of the rail is 30", wood block measuring 4" deep x 8" wide x 11" high separates the rail element from the posts to minimize snagging.

Our wood is treated to .60 CCA and can be left to weather naturally or may be stained or painted to match its surroundings. The Square Steel-Backed Timber also has a TL-2 end terminal system available for another safety feature.

This type of barrier is known as "Merritt Parkway Aesthetic Guardrail" and was tested to NCHRP Report 350, TL-3, and is approved by the Federal Highway Administration. This system is very popular at locations that require an aesthetic appearance along scenic roadways and state parks across the country. Made in the United States our steel-backed timber system will last for years in harsh environments. 

Product CodeMPGR12
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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