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Temporary Traffic Lights System TTL-600

Temporary Traffic Lights System TTL-600


Product Code: TTL-600
Made in USA #1Icon #4

Product Information

The TTL-600 is a solar powered trailer mounted traffic light system. It consists of 2 traffic light heads, control box, solar panels and a battery bank, all mounted on a heavy-duty towable trailer. System comes standard with two trailer units and synchronization is maintained through radio communications with the primary and secondary trailer. The TTL-600 traffic signal trailers may be positioned up to 1 mile apart.


Overall length:   174"
Overall width:    86"
Extended height:  190"
Traveling height: 90"
Weight:           3500 lb.
Coupler:          2" coupler
Brake actuator:   7500 lb.


System comes standard with two 12" LED signals heads on each trailer. Synchronization is maintained through radio communications, primary and secondary trailers may be positioned up to 1 mile apart.


3 traffic flow settings: (light, moderate, and heavy)
Automatic mode: The user enters the distance between the heads, the approximate number of vehicles flowing through the zone, and the posted speed limit, the controller then automatically calculates the timing of the lights.
18 pre-defined settings: offers the user factory preset timings.
12 user-defined settings: allows the user to adjust timing to meet their specific needs.
Time split scheduling: allows the user to program the system to have several timing schedules at different times of the day, therefore taking into account differences in traffic flow at different times of the day. Software allows the user to download a status log from the controller to a laptop.

Solar Power Supply:

Various configurations of solar panels and batteries are available, standard is sixteen 6-volt batteries with 300-watt solar array. Solar regulator with battery surcharge protection and solar panels tilt and rotate independently of the trailer.


Vehicle detection
Countdown display
Datalog program
Third signal head
Battery charger
AC connection
Cell phone warning system
Directional antennas for over 1 mile 

Product CodeTTL-600

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